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As a Phoenix Mecano AG company, Kundisch benefits not only from the worldwide production facilities, but also from the international presence, which our customers with global focus appreciate most especially. Kundisch is able to supply the branch locations of its customers anywhere in the world.
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As a global player in the field of components and as a system supplier, Phoenix Mecano develops innovative technical detailed solutions with and for its customers. We meet even the highest demands of our customers as their specialized partner, providing technology and service with the customers‘ needs and potential for added value in mind.


Our success is defined by the success of our customers. Close collaboration, constant communication and an in-depth exchange of effective ideas are the pillars that we build our activities on. We put all of our energy and the skills and knowledge of our staff into supporting our customers.

Reliability towards all stakeholders is the prerequisite for a companies credibility. This is the maxim we act on in our daily work. Executive management assumes a leadership and role model position in this regard.