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Touch systems

Variable and software-programmable touch input systems are utilized more and more in every industrial sector. These technologies develop at breathtakingly fast speeds, driven by the operating habits of their users that have been undergoing significant
change, and give us and our customers a host of opportunities that allow us to
develop especially innovative input systems. If necessary, we can supplement the touch unit by adding separate, conventional keys based on a membrane keyboard.

Particularly in the touch sector, selecting the best available technology is crucial. There is a wide range of resistive or capacitive systems available, each with a variety of features. This is why a detailed analysis of the operating requirements is needed right at the beginning of the device development phase, during which all mechanical components must be considered. With regard to all of these issues, our developers and engineers at Kundisch GmbH provide our customers‘ technical departments with the support they need at any time throughout the entire process.